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Meet Jacquelyn #infinitestrength

Updated: May 2

Here is a little inspiration from one of Welly Academy's dedicated members:

 Why did you initially decide to start your fitness journey, and what was your mindset going into it? 

"I had finished my first maternity leave and returned to work. I found myself feeling overwhelmed and losing control of my physical health (e.g. eating and movement habits). I felt helpless adjusting to my new life as a working mom. So, that was what drove me to make the first call and speak with Tanja back in 2021."

Can you describe any mental challenges or obstacles you faced when you began your fitness journey, and how did you overcome them? 

"Having been physically fit prior to my first pregnancy I kept telling myself, "I should know how to do this." I think, in order to overcome my difficulty, it really took courage to reach out to a professional (Tanja) and ask for/accept help and support."

Have you noticed any changes in your attitude, self-discipline, or confidence since you started your fitness journey?

"Tanja has given me small tangible methods to track my fitness. For example, tracking my weekly minutes of physical activity. There is an incentive to write down minutes and try to reach a small goal like that to get through slumps. I like how Tanja uses positive affirmations that promote self-love.

Instead of boot camp style, there is a positive connotation to movement, showing up. This has helped me move forward with my fitness journey as a form of self-care, and self-love, rather than feeling guilty for not pushing super hard."

What inspires you to move forward in your fitness journey? 

"I am inspired to continue moving forward with my fitness because it makes me feel better inside and out when I am regularly making time for movement and strength. I can be a better partner to my husband, a better parent to my children, a better friend, a colleague etc."

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