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Celebrating Our Wellies: Energy, Enthusiasm, and Achievements

Updated: May 2

Hey everyone! 🌟

I just wanted to take a moment to share how incredibly proud I am of our wellies! Your energy, enthusiasm, and dedication during our training sessions have been nothing short of amazing.

From mastering the Macarena, throwing punches with boxing moves, to grooving to our new flash mob songs where we just dance - you've embraced every challenge with cheerful attitudes and zest. Even playing a little pass has turned into moments of friendship and joy.

Whether it's the love and support we feel in the rooms or online, the peaceful cool downs, or the new relaxing Yin Yoga classes - every moment has been special. And let's not forget the laughter from our jokes, and the continuous 1% improvement each time. Remember, 37 times better after a year! ...and gauging our strength by trying out heavier weights and absolutely nailing it! 💪

The hugs, smiles, and laughter truly show the bond we've created. Your commitment and enthusiasm are infectious!

📅 Exciting News!  Our next round of sessions in May will kick off with foundation training. Each week, we'll layer more dynamic moves to shape strong and active lifestyles.

So, join us on this incredible journey as we move, feel alive, and come together as a team of 'wellyness' seekers! Let's celebrate our commitment, growth, and the joy of being active together.

Thank you all for being amazing! 🙌

Your Welly Team

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