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Barre, Balance & Abs

 A light to moderate barre class, set to a mixture of music from classical, 80’s, oldies and upbeat music, this class improves balance, posture, strength, core, range of motion &  flexibility.  

Level Light/Moderate – Great for newcomers – Shape it, sculpt it & become your strongest self

Equipment options: Small weights, suspension bands and a 9” pilates ball 

Barre Power

Fast paced & invigorating  barre class, with upbeat music, improves posture,  core, overall strength, flexibility while lengthen  your muscles. This challenging class works the whole body – fatiguing the muscles with repetition and isometric exercises. Lift, tone & feel the burn.

Level Moderate/Vigorous -  Equipment options: Small weights, suspension bands and 9’ pilates ball

Fit Band Class

This Fast action packed suspension band class, improves function, movement, strengthens core & is very similar to TRX.  Move to the upbeat music using your suspension band & integrating barre movements to work the whole body, build strength, tone & gain lean muscle.


Level Moderate/Vigorous -Equipment required: or suspension band & secure mount/barre, 9” pilates ball & stretch band

Total Health Check In

A light stretch class plus self myofascial release (smr)– this recovery class is beneficial for everyone – whether you are a beginner up to advanced, there are many health benefits to stretching & smr. During this group class, each person has time to check in & commit to one small health goal for the upcoming week.

Level: Light - Equipment needed: mat, roller, journal & pen

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