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Welly Yoga: Beginner Mobility

You, me... YOGA. Want to start your yoga journey but don’t know where to begin? Welly Yoga: Beginner Mobility is the introduction for you.

This June 20th @ 11am-12pm & July 11th @11am-12pm Welly is showing the world the

therapeutic side of fitness. Join us to move, stretch, breathe, and discover how capable your body is.

and... once the Fall starts, Welly Yoga: Beginner Mobility Complete begins.

After the summer yoga intro classes, you will be ready to take on business. Starting September 12th, Welly is offering a 4 week series of beginner yoga which will take you to the next level of mobility and mental clarity.

We are passionate about making life better. You strive to live with more pleasure. Together, we thrive now and forever.

Email to make it happen.

See you in June.

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