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Subject: Join Welly Academy's "Infinite Strength" Campaign and Inspire Others

Dear Welly Members,

At Welly Academy, we're delighted to invite you to participate in our exciting new campaign, "Infinite Strength." This campaign revolves around two powerful ideas:

1. Unleash Your Limitless Potential: In the realm of fitness, there are no boundaries and no limits to what you can achieve regarding health and well-being. Fitness is not a mere destination; it's an ongoing journey marked by continuous improvement, self-discovery, and self-love for a healthier you.

2. Seize the "NOW" for Lifelong Wellness: The only moment that's truly ours is NOW. The past is history, and the future is yet to be written. "Infinite Strength" encourages everyone to harness the power of the present, making choices that shape a lifetime of well-being.

Your Participation Matters:

We would be honoured to have you involved in the following ways:

  • Join us for an exclusive, unrecorded online Zoom interview, during which we'll explore your fitness journey and its profound insights, inspiring others.

  • Alternatively, you are welcome to share your perspective by emailing with your responses to two of the attached questions.

The Goal:

The primary objective of the "Infinite Strength" campaign is to motivate and empower individuals to break free from their limitations and embark on transformative journeys toward a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life.

Note: We will share your insights on Welly Academy’s social media, website, and blog! The interview will be hosted by Taylor and Tanja Akerman.

Next Steps:

If you're interested in joining this exciting initiative, please:

  • Email, indicating your preferred time slot for a 10-minute interview. Interview slots are available:

  • November 3rd (9am - 2pm)

  • November 4th (9am - 4pm)

  • November 5th (9am - 4pm)

  • November 10th (9am - 4pm)

  • November 11th (9am - 4pm)

  • November 12th (9am - 4pm)

  • Alternatively, you may choose to respond via email at, addressing two of the attached questions. Please specify if you consent to Welly using your name in our posts.

We sincerely appreciate your consideration of our invitation. Your involvement in "Infinite Strength" holds the potential to create a meaningful impact and inspire countless individuals on their own fitness journeys.

We eagerly await your positive response!

Questions for Interviewing Members - Infinite Strength
Download PDF • 50KB

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