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Introducing the Rebalance Challenge

Seeking a new beginning? Eager to transform your mindset, habits, and fitness routine? Welcome to the Rebalance Challenge — a 10-day live program designed to revamp your lifestyle. Whether you're craving a significant change or seeking to enrich your ongoing wellness journey, this challenge is specifically designed to facilitate tangible progress and transformation.

The Rebalance Challenge is an immersive experience focused on reducing stress, fostering healthy habits, and expanding your fitness knowledge. It's an opportunity for participants to create personalized wellness plans and set achievable goals. The program caters to all fitness levels, welcoming beginners and individuals with moderate experience in their pursuit of wellness.

Program Details:

Dates: January 1st-10th, 2024

Time: 7:00 AM-8:00 AM PST

Location: Online (Participants only need a yoga mat)

Early Bird Registration Cost (November 13th-December 10th): $99

Regular Registration Cost (December 10th-December 31st): $110

Limited Seats Available | Book here

Program Offerings

  • 8 Movement Classes: Led by our distinguished Welly Academy instructor, Tanja Akerman. These sessions encompass fundamental aspects such as strength-building, form enhancement, posture correction, balance refinement, core strengthening, hip mobility, and overall movement guidance.

  • 2 Breath and Stretch Classes: Gain invaluable insights into stress management techniques and holistic well-being from Tanja Akerman, a certified Breath Coach, through specialized breathing exercises.

Bonus Features:

We are excited to introduce a variety of bonus features exclusively available during the first year of the "Rebalance Challenge":

  • Private Life Coaching Session with Silver Arrow Coaching and Consulting: A personalized session with Arjuna George, the founder and owner of Silver Arrow, who is a prominent figure in life coaching, to provide tailored support and direction.

  • Stress & Well-being Assessment by Silver Arrow Coaching and Consulting: A comprehensive assessment to offer participants profound insights into their mental and emotional health.

Dive into this transformative experience to enrich your life, embracing wellness in its holistic form. Whether you're at the onset of your journey or seeking to amplify your existing routine, the Rebalance Challenge promises a roadmap to a revitalized, healthier you. Join us and embark on this journey of self-discovery and growth.

Welly Academy

Tanja Akerman | Founder & Instructor 


Phone: 250-538-8450






Silver Arrow Coaching & Consulting

Arjuna George, CEC, CTMP, CCS, CWS | Principal


Phone: 250-221-4520 




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